How To Fill In LinkedIn For Ultimate Success with Victoria McLean

by | July 29, 2019

Victoria McLean City CV


In todays podcast, I bring back the CEO of City CV, Victoria McLean to talk about How To Fill In LinkedIn For Ultimate Success. Victoria, literally goes into the detail, step by step, on how you need to fill in LinkedIn. We also talk about:

  1. Why LinkedIn is so important.
  2. Why LinkedIn isn’t just about job seeking.
  3. The stats on the recruiters using LinkedIn.
  4. Why your populating LinkedIn to market yourself.
  5. How to fill in LinkedIn step by step or revamp your existing profile.
  6. The importance of keywords in LinkedIn.
  7. What someone sees when they search.
  8. Why a good photo is imperative.
  9. Why the headline is so important, what it is and how to fill it out.
  10. How to populate the summary section properly and why it’s so important.
  11. Should you write in the first or third person?
  12. What the skills and expertise section is.
  13. The details of the privacy setting function.
  14. How to change your URL.
  15. How and why you should become an expert in your field.
  16. Why groups are a cheeky way to talk to a captive audience.
  17. How City CV can help you and the process they go through.


Resources Mentioned in Podcast

Victoria’s Summary on LinkedIn: City CV CEO | Global Award Winner | Career Expert | Outplacement | CV Writer, Coach | Corporate Branding | The CV Queen

Victoria’s LinkedIn Account

Maximum Number of LinkedIn Invites you can send = 3,000. But you can contact LinkedIn and ask for more. It all depends on how many rejections / unresponsive invites you’ve had.

City CV Services: CV Writing, LinkedIn Profile, Interview Prep, Career Coaching, Job Applications, Outplacements, Executive Coaching and Corporate Services.

Bio of Victoria McLean

As CEO and founder of City CV, award-winning international career consultancy, Victoria has devoted her career to guiding professionals at all levels with career transition and development. Over two decades, she has worked with thousands of cross-industry-sector individuals, from graduate to CEO and NED, as well as delivering bespoke outplacement, corporate branding, employability and recruitment to corporates, SMEs, government and Higher Education providers across the globe.

 Having completed an Industrial Economics degree, she spent her earlier career in London and Sydney, resolving skills gaps, improving recruitment and nurturing sustainable relationships at major global recruitment firms. Subsequently, she joined Goldman Sachs and then Merrill Lynch, where she delivered insight that transformed recruitment strategy and influenced multinational resource allocation.

In 2009, Victoria established City CV, bridging a market gap for top quality CV writing, LinkedIn profile writing, content creation, career coaching, interview coaching, career transition and employability services. Since then, she has built a client-focused business that empowers job-seekers and helps companies to protect their most important resource – their people. Today, Victoria and every member of the City CV team share a common goal: creating exceptional, job-generating CVs and enhancing interview success, as well as guiding corporates on how best to inspire leadership, raise brand awareness and optimise employee engagement.

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