How To Leave iTunes Review of Podcast

by | April 12, 2018

Hi All, following LOTS of feedback and emails from my loyal listeners, I’ve come to understand that leaving a review for my podcast on iTunes is not that simple! So I’ve been in touch with Apple directly and got instructions directly from them PLUS i’ve compiled my own set of instructions for you. See below:

Instructions from Apple

 I contacted iTunes directly and they’ve advised on the following for leaving a review:

“You can advise listeners who wish to review your podcast to do the following:

  1. Open the Podcasts app
  2. Click on Search (Magnifying Glass Icon)
  3. In the Search field type “Prosperity Kitchen Podcast with Gemma McCrae”
  4. Tap the podcasts Icon
  5. Scroll down the podcasts page until you reach the “Ratings & Reviews” section
  6. You can rate the podcast from 1 to 5 stars, five stars being the best
  7. You can write a review as well or just rate it

You do have to be signed in with your Apple ID in order to rate and review the podcast. Further, if listeners are having issues with leaving a review, please direct them to iTunes Store Customer Support for further assistance.”

Gemma’s Instructions

  1. Google “Prosperity Kitchen Podcast and click the link:
  2. Click blue button (shown below) “View in iTunes”


  1. Click pop up (blue button) – Open iTunes
  2. Look to the top middle of the page and click on Ratings & Review:




  1. Click to give a star rating and / or write a review (you can do both or just give star rating):


Thank you in advance for all the AMAZING support and feedback you’ve given me about the podcast, I’m loving the podcast and it seems you are too which has made me immensely happy.








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