How To Make Passive Income Now with Lisa Johnson

by | August 27, 2019

Passive Income Queen Lisa Johnson

Podcast Details 

In today’s podcast I talk to the “passive income queen” herself, Lisa Johnson all about passive income and more importantly how you the listener can start making some asap!

In particular we discuss:

  • What passive income is and why it’s sooooooo good!!!?
  • How much can earn in passive income.
  • How easy is it to set up and make passive income.
  • What types of passive income there are.
  • How to know which passive income is right for you.
  • What tools you will need to make passive income.
  • How much it costs to set up a passive income stream.
  • Where to get further help on making passive income.
  • What mistakes can be made.


Resources Mentioned in Podcast

Mail Chimp




MemberSpace Plug-In

MemberPress Plug-In

Active Campaign

Lead Pages

Zoom VA

Passion for Passive

Pat Flynn 

Bio of Lisa Johnson

Passive Income Queen Lisa Johnson

Lisa is a business coach and is known as ‘The Passive Income Queen’ after taken half the year off to go travelling with her family all whilst earning multiple 6 figures a year! Lisa is passionate about wanting to share what she has learnt with others…

She said; “My biggest piece of advice is to work alongside a business coach or life coach to establish a plan of action with clear goals. This self-investment not only helped me to reflect but in the long-run saved me so much time and also money!  With the help of my coach, I learned so much about business, working hard on my mindset and putting into place a plan of action that saw my business go from no clients to fully booked in just 5 months whilst upping my prices 3 times in that timeframe.  Industry colleagues wanted to know how I had achieved this level of success and so I started to spend time with them, helping them to analyse their businesses, who their ideal clients were and how they could go about attracting them. They then started seeing huge successes and increasing their profits as a result of the guidance I had given them. This was the start of my coaching business and within the first six months I was hitting six figures and every programme I launched was selling out within hours.

 “After years of working crazy 80-hour weeks, feeling exhausted and with little free-time, my coach encouraged me to explore and learn the ways of passive income streams to gain myself freedom – Passive Income now defines my way of business, meaning I have so much more freedom to spend time with my family.  It has allowed my husband to retire from his 9-5 job and focus on our wedding business, and look after our twins, who are seven. As for me, it means I can just work 9am-3pm four days a week, with 80% of the money I earn being passive income from courses and memberships.  Reduce working hours allows more free time to enjoy life – “we work to live not live to work!” 

 I am now known as The Passive Income Queen, having taken half the year off to go travelling with my family all whilst earning multiple 6 figures and I want to share what I have learnt with fellow entrepreneurs. 

I now work as a business coach for ambitious entrepreneurs and specialise in helping my clients understand and implement passive income, helping them reduce their working hours and give them more free time to enjoy life.”

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