How To Rise Up from Adversity with Michael Nova

by | September 17, 2018

Michael Nova Rise Up 8

I talk to Michael Nova of Rise Up 8, about how to rise up out of adversity and thrive towards a better life. He also tells us his personal story of how he pulled himself up from ruin and went on to be a huge success. A hugely informative podcast.

 Michael Nova’s story is one of pure persistence. Traveling along a long and winding road of misadventures to his intended destination, he found that this road itself was where the magic was happening, and that it wasn’t what was happening to him that was important, but how he reacted to the happening …and how that reaction led to Michael becoming the founder and creator of our website here at Rise Up Eight.


With the realization that his story was having an impact upon people, he thought of creating a website as the next level in the exploration of the human condition that began with his music group X: THC‘s film and music multimedia project, X: The Human Condition.


The idea was to create a space online where hundreds of people could share their stories of overcoming adversity just as he had, in order to inspire others to never give up.  And based on the Japanese proverb that reads, “Fall down seven times, stand up eight,”  the belief, and the action was not only to stand up, but to Rise Up after falling.

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