How to Set Real Goals with the UK’s leading Life Coach, Carole Ann Rice

by | December 18, 2017

The UK’s leading life coach, Carole Ann Rice, is inspiring, motivational and her clients say magical too.

A bestselling author and columnist Carole Ann has used wit and wisdom to teleport her clients into their full potential for 15 years. She is a graduate of Coach U, an international coaching university where she trained to be a life coach for 2 years.

She is the only life coach in the UK to have her own column – Happy Monday in the Daily Express – featured in a national daily newspaper which
has been running consecutively weekly for over 5 years.

Her corporate clients have included Visa, M&S London School of Economics and the National Children’s Bureau. As a coach she has been featured in The Times, Metro News, The Telegraph, Harpers Bazaar, Grazia, Woman and Home, Stylist, Zest, New Woman, Red and Glamour magazines.

Her private clients include billionaires, entrepreneurs, start ups, students, actors, sports people, writers, journalists, mumpreneurs, scientists, GPs, dancers, athletes, a supermodel, mum’s returning to work, IT experts, lawyers, accountants, career professionals and all manner of amazing people who want to reach their potential in life.

Carole Ann loves what she does and finds more in what unites us as humans than separates us with our anxieties, fears and hopes. She learns from each client she coaches, especially the tough ones!

In a previous incarnation she was an award-winning journalist and Fashion and Lifestyle Editor at the Birmingham Post (for 7 years). She had lunch with the Duchess of York, had tea at Fortnums with Terence Stamp, treated Lord Patrick Lichfield to a balti and had toast in a broom cupboard with Stephen Fry.



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