How to Thrive After Being Fired with Stacey Wilkinson

by | July 15, 2019

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In todays podcast, I talk about How to Thrive After Being Fired with Stacey Wilkinson. Stacey now runs a hugely successful niche tech recruitment consultancy BUT was fired 4 times before she opened her own business. She talks honestly about her experiences and more importantly how she turned her life around.

In particular we talk about:

  • Stacey growing up in an abusive household.
  • Her story on getting fired.
  • How she felt when she was fired.
  • Explaining her gaps in her CV and on LinkedIn.
  • How she dusted herself off about being fired and what she did.
  • Her top 10 tips foe those people who have been fired,
  • Finally, what mistakes do you frequently see people make then they’ve been fired.


She mentions the following organisations that helped her:

TLC – Talk Listen Change


David Lynch Foundation



Bio of Stacey

Fiercely independent female entrepreneur Stacey Wilkinson, 38, Founder and CEO of TechSearchers, an ‘Uber-style’ recruitment business.

Stacey is now one of the top global independent headhunters in the tech world, recruiting for global companies and passionate about changing the recruitment game.

It took Stacey a long time to recover from the first time she was fired as she was the top seller and genuinely loved the job. However, this cycle of being fired or encouraged to leave seemed to continue…

Stacey’s Story 

Growing up in a highly abusive household, Stacey did all she could to escape such a toxic home. At the age of 17, she put herself into care and relied on hand outs from local charities and the Prince’s Trust to get through university. With over 15 years experience in sales and recruitment, Stacey created a highly successful career for herself that combines her two passions – tech and travel!

She combines her career with her passion to travel and to date Stacey has travelled to over 75 countries, across 6 continents… Stacey’s aim is to enjoy complete freedom in inspiring surroundings, whilst building some of the most innovative tech teams in the world.

Realising that she couldn’t study for further education in such a toxic and abusive home environment, Stacey decided to put herself into care at 17 – she recalls arriving at that kids’ home as being the most intimidating moment of her life, but the sad fact was, that she still felt safer there than being at home with her own mother.

Stacey relied on handouts from local charities and the Prince’s Trust just to get through University. Stacey said; “I think I was a bit of an abnormality at this kids’ accommodation, as I was the only one going out at 8am everyday with my portfolio, whereas the others were all drinking or on drugs, none were working.” Stacey continued to live in supported accommodation for a year, until she was able to get her own council flat at the age of 18 where she stayed for 6 years whilst studying for her degree and then progressed onto her career journey.

Stacey wouldn’t change her past, however, she does recognise that it may have led to her characteristically wild tendencies and revolt against authority. She said; “With my newfound freedom at 17, I didn’t really have any respect for anyone in authority – such as managers – people who might try and stifle me like my mother did.” Stacey found that her workmates often didn’t know how to take her – being very opinionated with no sense of fear – she was just glad that she could speak out without being physically hurt. But, due to her wild outspoken side, it meant that Stacey tended to get fired from a lot of places she worked, each time managing to cause a revolution of some sort – disagreeing with a management decision or the way a colleague was treated – and these rifts were often very public. She said; “I couldn’t be tamed but I was desperately seeking approval.”

Thriving after being fired

It took Stacey a long time to recover from the first time she was fired as she was the top seller and genuinely loved the job. However, this cycle of being fired or encouraged to leave seemed to continue as she went from recruitment, to radio sales, to working on air as a rock DJ (and brief stint as a wedding DJ), to an estate agents…. this led to a personal mental health struggles where she experienced short term depression, staying in bed, not leaving the house and turning her phone off for days – Stacey found that her confidence was at an all time low and she eventually called the charity Mind who helped her to establish a routine again and build up her confidence and mindset.

She said; “I am proof that you can get back on your feet and now retrospectively, I see that each time it has happened, it was life pushing me towards something greater.”

Due to her grit, determination and fearless approach, Stacey was always the best salesperson in any company and excelled in each role – she found that she could sell anything, as long as she believed in the product. Stacey gradually afforded the rent of nicer flats in the city centre, before eventually buying her own place near Spinningfields (a very trendy area in central Manchester).

Stacey got a taste for the property industry and still rents out rooms and manages other people’s properties as a side business alongside running TechSearchers an ‘Uber-style’ recruitment business.

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