How To Survive Christmas with Sue Tappenden

by | November 25, 2019

Sue Tappenden

Welcome to the podcast: How To Survive Christmas with Sue Tappenden: PART 1 and PART 2.

In this priceless two part interview, Sue talks about her club – The Christmas Survival Club and gives you lots and lots and LOTS of useful advice on how to survive Christmas and take back the control.

In particular we talk about:

  • Why Christmas can be so stressful for people?
  • Why Sue started the Christmas Survival Club.
  • If someone joins the club, how they will be helped.
  • How to avoid spending Christmas with the people you don’t want too.
  • Hosting Christmas lunch every-year? How to get someone else to do it!
  • Hosting Christmas every year and nobody offers to pay towards anything. How to stop this.
  • One family member gets drunk and inappropriate! How to handle it.

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Bio Sue Tappenden

Coach and Brain Spaghetti Unraveller

Sue works with her clients to create valuable time for them to think aloud, develop strategies to make changes and become more effective in all that they do. Her coaching style, backed up by her extensive training and experience, is a practical and highly effective combination of coaching, counselling, mentoring and facilitation.   She has a particular interest in helping people to manage the complexities of Christmas-time relationships, events and family dynamics.  #christmasguru.

Sue believes that trying to compartmentalise parts of our life is both unhelpful and stressful, and so supports clients to explore and resolve issues across each of the aspects that make up their whole life. She has a gift of seeing different perspectives in a situation to challenge people’s frames of reference, to then provide alternative ways of thinking and action. Sue is the proud owner of a husband, a teenager and 2 dogs.




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