Guided Walking Relaxation & Rejuvenation with Esther Nagle

by | April 16, 2018

Esther Nagle Balance & BreatheFollowing on from my podcast last week outlining free meditation retreats, I’ve recorded an absolutely wonderful podcast with a FREE 20-minute guided walking relaxation / rejuvenation exercise. It’s amazing!  Esther is a trained yoga teacher who specialises in the breath and in the podcast, she also touches on the benefits of yoga, why our breath is so important (aside from the obvious), how she converted from being an alcoholic into the yoga nut she is today and stress management. She also throws in how she is trying to eradicate asthma from her life via her breathing exercises.

Esther Nagle was diagnosed with asthma when she was 7, started smoking at 17, and began drinking alcoholically when she was 20. In complete denial for years that she was addicted to cigarettes and alcohol, Esther lived a mostly stressful and chaotic life for 2 decades, shielding herself from her emotions with booze, drugs and cigarettes. In 2014 after a breakdown she followed a long held dream, trained to be a yoga teacher, and finally learned to breathe properly. This was a hugely transformational experience for her, and she was able to quit her 3 main vices and live a happily sober and smoke free life. Esther loves to teach people to breathe, and to walk in the green hills of the South Wales valleys. Esther helps people who are overwhelmed by their emotions to find peace and resilience through teaching them to breathe and relax, so that they can find peace and calm in themselves. Esther is the author of Bent Back into Shape, Beating Addiction Through Yoga, the story of her recovery and the yoga that shaped it.





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