How To Easily Grow Your Own Fruit n Veg with Sally Nex

by | April 3, 2018

Writer & Author of Growing Self-Sufficiency, Sally NexIn this podcast, I talk to Gardener, Writer & Author of Growing Self-Sufficiency, Sally Nex all about how we can grow our own EASILY. Notice how I stress easily!! Also, even if you don’t have a garden, Sally tells you how you can grow your own. If you’re fed up of paying a fortune for berries in the local supermarket or simply want to learn to become more self-sufficient then this podcast is for you.

About Sally 

We are all becoming more conscious of the plastics we use and it seems particularly unnecessary wrapped around the fruit and veg we buy when there are people like Sally Nex who walk out their back door and pick their own for supper. And yes, she also has a full-time job, and kids to prioritise but she has discovered how surprisingly easy it is to grow your own and enjoy the fruits of your labour on a daily basis without adding to air miles or using any plastic at all!

Sally Nex was a London based BBC Producer in 2006 but when she started a family she found that it was harder to do shift work with kids and decided to make a career change. Gardening had always been a passion, so she became a gardener and garden journalist. By this point, she was already growing as much veg as she could from her small London garden and realising how easy it was. She says in the introduction to her book, “I started growing a few veg just for a laugh, really, just to see if I could. I realised, a few mouthfuls too late how easy it can be to get hooked beyond salvation after eating a handful of fresh broad beans from a decidedly bijou sliver of earth in my small and already overstuffed London garden.” The half a dozen broad beans lead to French beans growing up the fences, herbs shoehorned into a patio where you fought tomatoes and lettuce for foot room and it wasn’t long before she was yearning for more space in which to grow enough to cater for all their meals. In 2010, Sally moved her family to Somerset when where she had enough space for a vegetable garden. She now also keeps chickens for eggs and rents land in the village for her small flock of sheep which she daren’t not get too attached to before she takes them one by one to the local abattoir in Ottery St Mary. So, what does she need to buy at the supermarket now? “Oranges, bananas, potatoes during the winter as I still haven’t worked out how to grow enough to feed us all year!, carrots, peppers, celery and mushrooms.”

The rest, is available in a stroll down the garden, fresh and not wrapped in cellophane. “Taking control of your own food is one of the easiest ways to tread lighter on the earth: as easy, in fact, as planting a seed. At a stroke, armed with nothing more hightech than a row of beans, you can step gracefully off the global merry-go-round of plastic packaging, food miles, waste, intensive agriculture, soil degradation, habitat loss, neonicotinoids and poisoning yourself and your family with the cocktail of chemicals poured daily on the “fresh” food on supermarket shelves.” And she insists, self-sufficiency is not the all-or-nothing choice so many make it out to be but within reach of us all wherever we live and whatever we do: no lifestyle change required. “Plant a chilli pepper in a pot on your windowsill, and suddenly you can have fresh chillies all summer, and dried ones in the winter too. Or perhaps you want to wean yourself off your bagged salads habit. Sow three containers, a month apart, with the baby-leaf seed mix and you’ve got your own totally organic, natural supply ready for the picking, 12 months of the year.”





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