Being Abused and Being The Abuser with Elizabetta Franzoso.

by | May 14, 2018

Elizabetta FranzosoIn this podcast I talk to fellow Life Coach Elisabetta Franzoso being sexually, physically and mentally abused from the aged of 1 and how she later became an abuser herself how she has healed herself. A touching and insightful podcast.

Elisabetta is a dynamic and spirited Life & Wellness Coach, Counsellor, Trainer, Speaker and Social Activist with an immense fervour for inspiring and motivating individuals to re-engage with their authentic inner selves. As a child Elisabetta suffered abuse and neglect, a viscous pattern which led her to explore her experience and set her on her journey to being a social activist and life coach. Perhaps one of the most powerful truths about Elisabetta is that she has experienced life as both the abused and the abuser. Elisabetta speaks openly and frankly about her relationship with her daughter Stella and how she found herself repeating the cycle of physical and emotional abuse on her 4 year old daughter and subsequently sought help. Elisabetta also published a startling book charting her journey from child to mother called Stella’s Mum, this is an honest and sometimes startling account of Elisabetta’s journey. Elisabetta lives in Barcelona and treats patients all over Europe. 

Specialises in: life coaching, wellness coaching, mindfulness, wellbeing, abuse, anxiety, career coaching, relationship coaching, divorce coaching, parenting coaching, toxic relationships, self-development, women empowerment, wellness wheel, the Hoffman process. 


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