In Depth Interview with Chiropractor Rosie Piercy

by | February 26, 2018

In Depth Interview with Chiropractor Rosie Piercy

I talk to my Chiropractor, the wonderful Rosie Piercy about all things chiropractic. We discuss exactly what a Chiropractor actually does, the difference between a Chiropractor and Osteopath, top tips for spinal / body health, how to cope with big boobs, wearing heels, desk set up and the all-important posture.

Rosie Piercy graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in 2005 with a BSc in Neuromusculoskeletal sciences and a masters in chiropractic. After graduating, Rosie worked at the Central Chiropractic Clinic in Oxford for 8 years where she gained a great deal of experience in treating a wide range of conditions.

After gaining experience working in Oxford at The Central Chiropractic Clinic Rosie wanted to start her own clinic. Initially working from The Wellbeing Centre Rosie grew her practice. Then in 2017 she finally realised her long-term dream of opening her own clinic, Total Health West Berkshire, in which her chiropractic clinic, Total Chiropractic is based.

Rosie’s passion is to provide fantastic personalised chiropractic care, coupled with a common-sense approach to rehabilitation and life style changes – all aimed at getting people out of pain and back to the hobbies, sports and life style they love.

Rosie lives in Newbury with her two sons. She likes to stay healthy and active, mostly by running around after her sons and gardening (currently she spends a fair amount of time with her two boys hunting for dinosaurs at Snelsmore Common) but also by using exercise and mediation apps to help her fit exercise into her busy lifestyle.Desk Posture








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The blog post I mention call – Do My Boobs Look Big in This?



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