Kinesiology with Martin Lewis

by | May 29, 2017

Martin Lewis KinesiologyMy guest today is my amazing Kinesiologist Martin Lewis. Martin was originally trained by John Logue, one of the most forward-thinkingKinesiologists in the country and worked closely with him up until his death in April 2003. John Logue was credited by Susan Clark, health columnist for The Times as being a master in his field. She also stated that kinesiology should be incorporated into all GP training.

Martin specialises in Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP) and Functional Biochemistry. He also teaches Kinesiology.

In the podcast, we talk in depth about exactly what kinesiology is, who needs it and what it helps (virtually everything).

For those of you in the dark, kinesiology is a holistic therapy that works on all aspects of the body: spiritual, physical, psychological, emotional and nutritional. It works on the basis that a person must be reviewed as a whole to achieve total health. Kinesiology uses muscle testing techniques to monitor the energy levels throughout the body and identify the factors that may be causing a disruption.


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