Mindfulness for Kids with Mihaela Berciu

by | November 11, 2019

Mihaela Berciu

In todays podcast: Mindfulness for Kids with Mihaela Berciu, we bring you the full dets on how mindfulness will help your kids and also how it helps you, the parent!

In particular we talk about:

  • What mindfulness is.
  • Why is it good for kids to learn about mindfulness.
  • How it benefits them.
  • How it benefits you the parent.
  • What age can you start to teach them about mindfulness.
  • How to encourage kids to practise mindfulness.
  • Types of mindfulness exercises are available for them.
  • Step by step mindfulness exercise.
  • The common mistakes made.
  • The mindfulness apps she recommends.



Bio of Mihaela

Mihaela Berciu is an entrepreneur, mindfulness and leadership coach who works with professionals to help them achieve the clarity they need to improve performance and drive even greater success.

With over 10 years of experience in leadership coaching, Mihaela has built an impressive client portfolio, ranging from large international businesses in banking, financial consulting and pharmaceutical goods to retail, fashion, television and aviation services.

Since graduating from Cambridge University with an Executive Coaching Certification, Mihaela has worked with and advised board members, top-level managers, investors and senior professionals seeking to excel in their career and enhance their overall professional presence.

Using mindfulness methods, Mihaela’s approach is focused on exploring personal and professional values, understanding aspirations, removing barriers and visualising the path to success.

Mihaela has successfully published two best-selling books, Dress For Success, and etiquette manuals for men and women in business, seeking to improve their personal brand at work.

In 2009, Miheala produced and hosted a top-ranking TV show, The Image of Success, dedicated to personal branding, professional image, personal development and career success.

Mihaela brings with her a wealth of knowledge from her studies in Psychology of Mind and Theory of Knowledge at Oxford University and her Professional Image Coach Diploma from the London Image Institute.

Mihaela’s focus is to bring into consciousness the things that make people who they are and that impact on the ability to be truly exceptional.

For more information please contact harrietosbornefreelance@gmail.com or visit www.sparkyourbloom.com.

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