Mindfulness with Tanya Forgan

by | June 25, 2017

MindfulnessTanya Forgan is a Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher who is based in my hometown of Wokingham, England. Tanya’s journey started when shefirst stepped on a yoga mat nearly 20 years ago. She had a ‘lightbulb’ moment that changed her life completely. She went from a ‘city girl’ working in telecoms to train as a yoga teacher.

Her initial training as a yoga teacher taught her a huge amount about the physical body, but as her journey progressed she realised that she wanted to learn more about the mind as well as the body and how the two connect. This is where she started to explore Mindfulness and meditation.

She spent much time talking to a wonderful mindfulness teachers, Buddhists and attended numerous retreats. Their teachings deepened her interest and knowledge and she went on to take some trainings through Shamash Alidina and Breathworks which were both life enhancing and beautiful.

But her own real learning came as a bolt out of the blue. In 2011, she became chronically ill overnight. She was bedridden and unable to manage to walk more than a few steps at a time. She was confined to the four walls of my bedroom and this is where her mindfulness journey really and authentically started. She learnt so much at that time. It was the biggest challenge she had ever faced in life…but at the same time the greatest gift life could offer her.

Meditation and mindfulness has helped Tanya profoundly to deal with her own health, but also to live from her heart in a place of joy.

Website: https://tanyaforgan.com/

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