In today’s podcast, Natural Fertility For Over 40’s Series: Abdominal Massage,  I talk to Abdominal Massage Therapist, Jo Medhurst all about how abdominal massage  can help you BIG TIME on your fertility journey. Since starting to help women on their fertility journeys using massage, Jo has seen 25 of her clients successfully go on to have babies! Want more proof, in the podcast she tells me how one of her previous clients who is type 1 diabetic would always have perfect insulin levels like clockwork the day after her massage with Jo. In particular in the podcast we:

  • What abdominal massage is?
  • The benefits of abdominal massage.
  • What abdominal massage can help with.
  • How often does one needs abdominal massage to reap the benefits.
  • How can abdominal massage help ladies who are trying to get pregnant.
  • Castor oil packs
  • Massages you can do at home yourselves




Click below for access to the podcast: Natural Fertility For Over 40’s Series: Abdominal Massage and see “Show Notes” for instructions on the massage techniques in the podcast.

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Show Notes

Castor Oil Packs


Castor Oil Packs are a circulation booster which have been around for 1000’s of years and particularly recommended if you’ve got endometriosis where it’s harder to do the deeper penetrating massage. They’re also an excellent relaxer.

There is debate as to when you can use them, but I recommend post period and pre-ovulation, so day 5 ish to day 14 ish…. but use your common sense and do your own investigations if unsure.

Ideally do the castor oil pack for 30 minutes, but ideally 60 minutes and use the time to RELAX. Meditate or snooze.

I’ve can recommend this fertility meditation for you if needed – Fertility Meditation Click Here.

You will need:

  • Organic castor oil
  • 2 x 100% cotton flannel
  • Hot water bottle
  • Towel to lie on
  • Towel to place over the hot water bottle


  • Pour some castor oil on your flannel (I personally saturated the middle part of the flannel).
  • Lie on your towel on your bed.
  • Place your castor oil saturated flannel on your lower abdomen.
  • Place the dry flannel on top.
  • Place the hot water bottle on top. Make sure it’s hot ish, but not scalding! It should feel nice and cosy.
  • Lie another towel over you.
  • Leave for 30 to 60 minutes.



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Jo has been a therapist practicing abdominal massage for 10 years. She is now also qualified as an EFT practitioner and nutritionist, as well as specialising in fertility massage and scar massage, to help give clients the best support possible when they come in for sessions. Jo helps people with a range of issues that are mostly digestive or gynaecological, and has a wealth of knowledge in these areas. Since starting to work with women on their fertility, using massage and other techniques to naturally improve their chance of conceiving, she has seen clients have over 25 babies so far. Jo also does post-natal recovery work with the massage and feels it is such a privilege to get to work with women all through that journey. Jo is extremely passionate about helping clients take control of their health, so she recommends and teaches a lot of self help techniques, which really allows people to speed up their healing process. This includes teaching a form of the massage that can be regularly done at home in the first appointment. The idea of the sessions is not only to improve a client’s health and symptoms but to provide them with a tool kit to look after themselves in the future.

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