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In today’s podcast, Natural Fertility For Over 40’s Series: Medical Herbalist,  I talk to Medical Herbalist, Pamela Spence all about how herbal medicine can help you on your fertility journey if you’re over 40.

To quote Pamela directly she says:

“I’m a medical herbalist. So, a lot of people don’t know what that means. Basically, I have a degree in herbal medicine, which means that I’m trained in the medical sciences, to about the same level as a GP in standard Western medicine. A lot of my teachers were doctors and consultants. But we’re trained to work with plant-based medicine and we can work safely alongside pharmaceutical medicine. So essentially, we’re trained to be clinicians.”


 In this podcast we will cover:

  • The power of herbs generally.
  • The power of herbs on fertility for the over 40’s.
  • Pamela’s top tips for fertility in the over 40’s.
  • Pamela’s top tips on herbs for fertility in the over 40’s.
  • Recommended herb brands.


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Delivering the FACTS on Fertility for the Over 40’s

This book contains all the information I wished I had known when I was trying.

This book will:

  1. Deliver facts on natural fertility for the over 40’s from various experts.
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Show Notes

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5 Herbal Superpowers You Need in Your Next Cuppa: Download link (need to subscribe to email list)
Also wanted to add that although the Foresight Charity have closed, their landing page has some great resources and I’d highly recommend reading the book (order details on the page) I used this and loved it. It goes into detail on diet etc.

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Pamela Spence, Medical HerbalistPamela is a medical herbalist, writer and educator and runs a successful clinical practice from her home on Scotland’s beautiful west coast. Pamela is regularly spotted in print as a herbal expert, most recently OK! Magazine, the Financial Times and Your Healthy Living Magazine alongside her regular columns. She has written and presented her own BBC online series on traditional herbal medicine and ethnobotany and has made a documentary on healthcare in rural Uganda. She writes and delivers classes for professional herbal training courses in the US and the UK. She is the herbal expert for Twinings Tea internationally, consulting on product development and marketing copy and as a herbal ingredients expert she works across industry sectors including herbal supplements, traditional herbal remedies and cosmetics. Pamela has run workshops in her native Scotland, Italy, Russia, Germany and East Africa on topics ranging from local herbs to women’s health. She is currently writing a book on aromatic medicine for publication in 2020.





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