The Ultimate Easy Passive Income Stream with Caroline Domanska

by | August 19, 2019

Caroline Domanska Money Mindset Coach

Podcast Details

In today’s podcast I bring back the fab Money Mindset Coach, Caroline Domanska to talk about passive income.

In particular we discuss:

  • What passive income is.
  • The essentials needed to make passive income.
  • The mindset needed to make passive income.
  • How much money can be made.
  • Why brain storming what your “genius” is will help you.
  • Talks us through step by step how to create an e-book / pdf to sell.
  • She then identifies other passive income streams that can make you money. Ever heard of rent to rent? Caroline explains this in detail.
  • Affiliate Income – what it actually means.
  • Becoming an Amazon Affiliate.


Resources Mentioned in Podcast

Smart Passive Income Podcast with Pat Flynn

Pay Hip Website

Tony Robbins – Master The Game of Money

Jackie Edwards – Property Go to Girl

Stock Photo

Raymond Macalino – Kindle Expert

Bio of Caroline Domanska

Caroline Domanska Money Mindset Coach

Caroline Domanska is a qualified Money Mindset Coach & Income Strategist, with over 20 years of experience in the financial world, with companies such as Barclays and Santander.  She helps professionals and small business owners create a fantastic relationship with money so that they can attain their financial freedom sooner than they think.

Her areas of specialism include managing debt, budgeting, changing the way you think about and behave with money, demystifying financial jargon and helping you handle the responsibility of increased wealth and simply create your road to financial freedom.

As a coach, she is supportive, empowering and action focused. Excellent at explaining the complex in simple terms in order to demystify your financial situation, she works with all types of people, as feeling stuck with your financial situation in any way, in her experience knows no boundaries.

Please note that money coaching is not financial advice.  It is designed to help you change your relationship with money and empower you to make your own financial decisions either by yourself or with a trusted party.

Caroline also has a wealth of experience in building networks, sales, speaking and marketing from growing her own businesses.

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