One Year No Beer with Chris Ingram

by | January 8, 2018

One Year No BeerAre you doing dry January? Temped to carry it on? I discuss the One Year No Beer program with Chris Ingram, a gentleman who has been on the program successfully for over one year and has become a changed man! If you want more energy, to lose weight and boost your confidence then this podcast is for you!

Chris Ingram is a 58 year old Dad to his two teenage daughters who lives in Salisbury. He works for a Government Organisation as a Estate and Facility manager and has worked extensively on an Estate covering large area of the UK and overseas. He is divorced and when not spending time with his girls he enjoys exercising and socialising with friends and family. Chris has lived in Salisbury for most of his life but has also worked and lived in Germany and Gibraltar.
One Year No Beer

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