Welcome to the podcast:Over 40 and Involuntary Childless – How I’ve Thrived Regardless where I talk to Sophia Andeh all about her journey.

Sophia’s mission is to help women who are childless not by choice to reclaim their sense of self and move from existing, to truly living whole and fulfilled lives. In tandem she raises awareness of the societal unconscious bias that marginalises, isolates and strips women of their self-worth and role within society. She integrates her coaching experience, and her ten years of teaching yoga, to create a coaching program to help women transform how they view themselves from the inside out, and re-envision their lives with a renewed sense of purpose. “As a childless women, I am passionate about helping women to realise how much worth and potential they hold within themselves, and how they have a valuable role in society”.

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Sophia Andeh is a coach and founder of Butterfly and Beyond. She has coached team members in the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years, and now has a special interest in coaching to help childless women create a fulfilling life without children. Her Masters research exploring the experience of coaching in childless women received an award from the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, UK, for the dissertation with the highest potential for societal benefit.

Website: butterflyandbeyond.com

Email: butterflyandbeyond@outlook.com

Instagram: butterfly_beyond



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