How We Can Be More Environmentally Friendly at Home with EcoBee

by | September 30, 2018

Phoebe Werrell - Eco BeeIn today’s podcast I talk to Phoebe Werrell who is the owner of a environmentally friendly cleaning company called EcoBee all about how we can positively affect the environment from our own homes. She takes us through how impactful one household can be on the environment, she gives her top 5 tips for making your home more environmentally friendly, she gives a list of products she endorses and then gives us 5 impactful (and environmentally friendly) cleaning tips.
EcoBee Cleaning was founded by Phoebe Werrell in 2017 with the ambition to re model the old fashioned ideology that chemicals are needed in order to achieve a clean home and working space. The green movement is spreading and for great reasons- the threat of irreversible environmental changes. It is therefore our belief that where and when possible we have a duty to deliver a service that demonstrates first hand that eco-friendly can achieve magic in your own little worlds. By supporting British industry we minimise our carbon footprint and ensure that our ethos stays as natural and as positive as possible.



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