Part 1: How To Tame Our Inner Critic with Psychologist Jess Baker

by | June 18, 2018

How To Tame Our Inner Critic with Psychologist Jess BakerIn Part 1 of How To Tame Our Inner Critic, Psychologist Jess Baker returns to the podcast to tell us what are inner critic is, how it makes us feel, where our inner critic comes from, why our ideal self vision sabotages our happiness and how our inner critic affects our lives.
Jess Baker is a Chartered Psychologist (AFBPsS) and Women’s Leadership Coach. Jess is an experienced leader, a passionate coach, and an engaging facilitator. For over ten years she has worked across a wide range of industries designing and delivering programmes on leadership development, employee engagement, and assessment methods. She is often quoted in women’s magazines, and enjoys speaking at wellbeing events across the UK. She is also a Trustee of BelEve UK, helping to empower girls aged 8-18 through leadership programmes in schools and communities.


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