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by | August 5, 2019

Rob Moore Disruptive Entrepreneur

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In today’s podcast I talk to The Disruptive Entrepreneur himself, Rob Moore all about how anyone, I mean ANYONE can make passive income. I grill him for you on the following:

  • What passive income is.
  • How much you can make in passive income.
  • What types of passive income there are.
  • How you will know which passive income is right for you.
  • How easy is it for the average Joe to make passive income.
  • What tools you will need to make passive income.
  • How much will it cost to set up a passive income stream.
  • Step by step guide on how to make passive income.
  • What mistakes are commonly made.


Bio of Rob Moore

Rob is the author of 8 Best Selling books including Start Now, Get Perfect Later and Life Leverage a record- breaking public speaker, mentor to thousands and co-founder of the country’s biggest property education Co.

Today he is a multi-millionaire. but in his 20’s he was a failed artist with £50K of credit card debt.  He credits this failure as being important and helpful to his success.

Here are a few of his stats:

  1. One of the UKs top non-fiction authors (8 books), published by Hachette
  2. Became a millionaire at 30 having been an artist £50k in debt 5 years before
  3. Built the UKs largest property training co. Progressive Property (won business of the year 2016)
  4. Broke 3 public speaking world records (& is an international keynote speaker)
  5. Has done over £100m in sales
  6. Co-owns or manages 850 tenants in his property portfolio & Progressive Lets agency
  7. One of the UKs top influencers (775,000 subs & followers on email & social)
  8. Leading UK Business Podcaster: his Podcast (media agency) has 200,000+ downloads a month
  9. Can discuss promoting an interview, podcast or YouTube video on Rob’s platforms when you interview him 
  10. Mentors to some big UK celebrities like Kevin Clifton & board advisor to some great companies
  11. Developing 160 residential property units (120,000 sq. ft.) as we speak
  12. Has a foundation to help young & underprivileged people get global access to better financial education
    13. His son Bobby played in 2 world golf champs, Euros & Brits, with 5x hole in ones, by age 6

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