How To Overcome The Fear of Being Judged with Life Coach Scott Mooney

by | September 5, 2017

Scott Mooney Life CoachThroughout my life I had always wanted people to like me. I had made myself into a people pleaser, a victim and an occasional depressive with bursts of uncontrolled anger. I continually searched for happiness, belonging and acceptance in sex, drugs, drink and relationships which only succeeded in reaffirming what I always felt about myself ‘I am not good enough’

My journey has been a long and slow process, mainly because I didn’t reach out, I didn’t ask the right people for help, I ‘just got on with it’

Now at 46 I am happier, more content and at peace than I ever have been, I find myself full of confidence, able to face my fears and accept my mistakes and flaws and build a life I could only have dreamed about a few years ago.

We are all full of stories and beliefs as to why ‘these things’ keep happening to us and it’s only when we’ve had enough and exhausted the external factors that we start to look inside ourselves for the answers, a process that in itself can be extremely challenging, frustrating and exhausting when we try to do this ourselves

I help people to get their life back to being about them. I help them to feel more confident about their own life. To understand and get rid of the anger and frustrations that they feel. Help them to beat the destruction of depression and to actively eradicate the symptoms of anxiety.


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