How To Get My Baby To Sleep with The Sleep Nanny – Lucy Shrimpton

by | April 8, 2019

In today’s podcast I talk to The Sleep Nanny, Lucy Shrimpton all about the topic of baby and toddler sleep. Lucy came to me highly recommended, so if you’re a parent suffering from lack of sleep, Lucy probably has the answers for you in this podcast. In particular we talk about:

  1. Why babies don’t sleep.
  2. What to expect with newborn babies.
  3. How to start a mini routine with a newborn.
  4. Contrary to popular belief, why babies DO need quiet to sleep!
  5. The dreaded 4 month sleep regression.
  6. When you should expect a baby to sleep through the night – she gives me a approximate time.
  7. Napping and sleep routines.
  8. The 8 month sleep regression.
  9. Her BIG Do’s and Don’ts
  10. How consistency is the big fat KEY!
  11. How to break the habit of brining your baby into your bed.
  12. Good bedtime times for your baby.
  13. How she doesn’t recommend sleep projectors!
  14. When is the time to seek external help.


Bio of Lucy

Introducing one of the world’s leading child sleep experts and founder of The Sleep Nanny®, Lucy Shrimpton, who has helped hundreds of tired parents and children around the world to win bedtime battles and finally gain the gift of a good night’s sleep.

Lucy is an author, speaker, trainer and mother of two who knows first hand what it is like to feel extreme sleep deprivation and face challenges with infant sleep. She believes that every family can have a healthier and happier life with improved sleep. Lucy’s extensive learning in sleep consulting are accredited by The Royal College of Nursing and The Royal College of Paediatric & Child Health.  Founder of The Sleep Nanny® and author of ‘The Sleep Nanny System’ Lucy has gone on to create Sleep Nanny Academy™ where she trains people to become certified consultants and Lucy continues to mentor them in her graduate programme. Combining insights from psychology, sleep, parenting and wellness, Lucy is able to help mothers all over the world to live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives

The Sleep Nanny Website Click Here –

FaceBook Page – @childsleepcoach

Instagram – @sleepnannyofficial




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