Dress to Feel Awesome with Helen Venables

by | October 14, 2019

Helen Venables, MD of House of ColourWelcome to today’s podcast, Dress to Feel Awesome with Helen Venables,  MD of House of Colour and she talks about how to use style and clothes to help you feel awesome!

The podcast is full of the basic tips and tricks for dressing well, but we also delve in deeply into why getting your style right is so important in making you feel good.

In particular in Dress to Feel Awesome with Helen Venables, we talk about:

  1. What a stylist is.
  2. Why I’m throwing out all my clothes!
  3. Who are her typical customers?
  4. What she describes as style as being and why is it important.
  5. How important is it to know what style is right for you.
  6. Tips for dressing on a tight budget.
  7. Where to get outfit inspiration from.
  8. How to avoid falling into the trap of wearing the same type of clothing all the time.
  9. How important is it to understand which colours suit you.
  10. Tips for dressing if you have big boobs?
  11. Tips for dressing if you have a big tummy?
  12. Tips for dressing if you have a big bottom half?
  13. She gives us her top 10 Tips for styling yourself.
  14. What are the common mistakes you see being made?


Websites Mentioned

Wear The Walk

Phase 8



Bio of Helen

Helen Venables, MD of House of Colour

Helen began her working life with the John Lewis Partnership selling handbags and quickly moved into training and Personnel before taking a break to start a family. Involvement in leading women’s groups, founding a charity and working for it in primary schools kept her busy whilst her children grew.

After the birth of Helen’s third child she suffered from post-natal depression to the extent that she couldn’t get out of bed in the morning.

A friend recommended she ‘got her colours done’ which was an amazing, transformational experience. She was told she was a spring palette which surprised her but she followed the advice and threw out the entire contents of her wardrobe, replacing them mostly with great finds in charity shops.  Her self-confidence returned and she was so inspired she became a stylist herself and within four years she had joined the company’s training team, supporting other House of Colour franchisees to build their businesses.

Two years later she became Franchisee Director, recruiting new image consultants and watching them grow professionally and personally. In 2012 Helen became Managing Director of the business and is passionate about training other consultants and watching them grow. In her spare time Helen enjoys getting her walking boots on, playing Masterchef in the kitchen and creating memories for her family.

Website of Helen


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