Top 10 Tips for Boosting Your Immune System with Immunologist Dr Jenna Macciochi

by | September 3, 2018

Dr Jenna Macciochi:

In today’s podcast, Dr Jenna Macciochi tells us the main four things that affects our immune system, she gives us her top 10 tips for keeping your immune system in tip top shape ( a few surprises here) and we have a general chat which brings up some super interesting facts. For example, she confirms that lack of sleep is linked to cancer, the benefits of intermittent fasting (it works), how high intensity exercise can be bad for your health and her thoughts on autoimmune diseases and diet.

A doctor of Immunology, Dr Jenna Macciochi holds a PhD from Imperial College London.  Her fascination with improving human health led her to study the immune system interfacing with every aspect of our physiology in both health & disease.  With a personal interest in the close relationship between nutrition and the immune system, she has pioneered clinical research in both academic & the pharmaceutical industry where her published work encompasses breakthroughs in the link between diet, the microbiome & disease.

– BSc. Immunology – University of Glasgow, UK
– PhD. Immunology – Imperial College London, UK
– Post Doctoral Research Fellow – Laboratorios Leti, Madrid, Spain
– Post Doctoral Research Fellow – Novartis, Switzerland
– Lecturer – University Zurich, Switzerland
– Teaching Fellow in Immunology – University of Sussex (current), UK




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