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by | November 26, 2018

Yoga with Juliet LundholmIn today’s podcast I talk to yoga expert Juliet Lundholm all about wonderful YOGA. In particular we talk about how it helps with stress, how you can do yoga at home with limited space, how to start if you’re a beginner and how to get fit post baby.

Juliet teaches alignment based Hatha Yoga from her home studio in South Norwood as well as working with other venues across London. She trained under the highly acclaimed Triyoga teacher training programme with leading teachers Anna Ashby and Joey Miles and has been practicing for over a decade. She was first drawn to yoga amidst a challenging time in her life, magnified by a stressful city commute, long hours, and a demanding job all of which resulted in burnout. At that time she began a regular yoga practice and soon found herself experiencing its many therapeutic benefits; sleeping better, breathing better, moving better, and it created the space she needed to understand herself better. Yoga continues to be her anchor, especially since becoming a mother, and these feelings of space, freedom and clarity gained from her practice are qualities which she endeavours to facilitate for her students.

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