The 12 Commandments For A Kick Ass Life (Kindle Edition)

I've been studying Personal Development for a long time now and, through my own journey and my experience as a Life Coach, I've compiled The 12 Commandments For A Kick Ass Life.

What do I mean by a 'Kick Ass Life', I hear you ask?

For me it's a life where:
1.My personal happiness is in abundance.
2.I'm a better person.
The 12 Commandments have helped both me and my clients enormously, and I'm hoping that they will help you too.

Over the next twelve chapters, I will take you through each Commandment step by step and show you how (see Action at the end of each chapter) you can easily adopt each Commandment into your life for a more prosperous life.

This is a quick guide because if your anything like me, I like to get straight to the juicy part of a self-help book and crack on with it. Some chapters will seem scarily short and I was advised to make them longer, but I resisted because I only want to tell you what you need to know.

I recommend that you read the book once to get a feel for the Commandments, and then reread the book and put the Commandments into action.

One per week.


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