We are inundated with diets and exercise regimes, that it’s easy to forget the obvious sometimes, or we simply don’t know where to start. So to help you I’ve identified four easy but powerful ways to instantly Improve Health and Well-being.

Adopt them and within 7 days I promise you will see and feel BIG results.

  1. Drink More Waterpablo (5)

I’m sure you’ve heard this a millions before, but it’s probably the Number 1 thing you can do to improve your health. Our bodies are made up of 70% water, so the importance of wateris obvious. Tiredness, Irritability, Dull Skin, Over Eating and Headaches are just a few symptoms caused from a lack of it.

The amount of water you should drink varies depending on your weight, height and exercise levels. As a rule, I drink about 3 litres per day. You can find several websites dedicated to how much water you specifically should drink, but a rule of thumb is half your weight (lbs) and drink this amount of water in ounces.

The trick to drinking more water is to create the habit, which to be effective will take 30 to 90 days. So for 30 days at least, you need to consciously ensure you are topping up H2O. How? Establish how much water you need to consume every day and set a reminder on your phone to alert you to drink water at least every 30 minutes. Either carry a bottle of water with you at all times (I do this everywhere I go) or have a jug of water handy.

If you are not a fan of water, squeeze in fresh lemon juice or pop in cucumber or mint.

Please note I’m referring to still water not fizzy and not the bottled flavoured stuff.


  1. Sleep Sleep SleepLady Sleeping

8 Hours sleep seems to be the consistent message, but it entirely depends on you. It’s the quality of the sleep that matters, not really the quantity. But the importance of sleep is often underestimated.

Lack of sleep causes weight gain, skin aging, poor immunity, depression, irritability, accidents, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, reduced fertility etc etc etc.

Sleep is serious business and if like me, you experience problems falling asleep or staying asleep it’s very important you make sleep your priority. I’m dedicating a separate blog to sleep because it’s a topic close to my heart. But briefly, decide on an appropriate bed time and stick to it Monday through to Thursday at least. Train your body (like a baby) that 10.30 PM (or whenever you decide) is sleep time and soon enough your body will adapt. If it doesn’t introduce a ritual: bath, reading, use a sleep App, meditation or writing in a diary.

Tips for sleeping are: cool room temperature, black out blinds, ear plugs (if you don’t have kids), eye mask, clean sheets and clean feet!

  1. Move your BodyWalking

Make sure you move your body every day, human beings are not designed to be sedentary.

Regular movement of your body will help you lose weight, tone, destress, look young, sleep better fight depression, fight memory loss & dementia.

At a very basic level, start with 30 minutes of walking a day. Find a way to incorporate walking into your day (it’s easy – walk to the shops, go for a walk at lunch, walk to work, walk the kids to school) and the work up from there. Buying a calorie counter is a must, I still use an old fashioned one that clips onto belt.  Target 6,000 to 10,000 steps a day or 300 Kcal to 500 Kcal.

Notice how you feel when you consistently move your body every day, I can guarantee you will feel so much better.

  1. Swap Sugar for an alternative!Stevia

Sugar has had a huge amount of press recently and quite rightly so. It’s basically a poison but in a socially acceptable format. Total avoidance is possible if you know your stuff, but I don’t think this is practical. However, you can go a long way to improving your health by swapping the sugar you normally put in your tea or coffee and baking with one of the alternatives below.

I use different sugar alternatives for different purposes and I caveat, the alternatives, although better than sugar should be used sparingly because they are still are sugar. Albeit natural sugars.

I will do a separate blog posts on the pros and the cons of the different sugar alternatives, but for this article I’m proceeding on the basis that the options below are better than using processed sugar, so make the swap today. The alternatives are:

  • Stevia
  • Rice Malt Syrup
  • Coconut Palm Sugar
  • Agave
  • Maple Syrup
  • Honey
  • Xylitol
  • Molasses


I hope this was useful. If you struggle with anything I’ve written here then let me know on gemma@prosperitykitchen.co.uk





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