Following on from last week’s Cheaper Personal Training Options, I’ve had my first work out today with Ben of Benifit in Newbury.

My goal is: Weight Loss, toning and to tighten my core area. I have a bad knee so Ben needed to adapt the exercises to take account of this. I also like to keep my exercise routines to 45 minutes max.

I’ve outlined below Work-Out 1 from Ben. Give it a go yourself. If you don’t understand the terminology YouTube or Google should help.

Work Out 1

  1. Progressive warm up on the Cross Trainer for 10 minutes, Quick Start onto level 8 and increase speed every minute or so. Maintain RPM at 60 -70 KPH throughout.
  2. Rowing Machine for 10 minutes. Resistance level 8. Maintain stroke rate between 25-30 spm and 500 split time between 2.30-2.40. Maintain good posture and breathe on the way out. Power with the legs as much as possible.
  3. Treadmill Power Walk for 10 minutes. Start with incline 4 and speed at 5 KPH. Work up 0.5 on each every minute. I end up with incline 9.5 and speed circa 7.5 KPH (depending on how I’m feeling). The key is to not stop and maintain a fast walk. Use arms to power. Maintain heart rate at 130 to 140. Blast for the last minute and raise my heart rate over 140.
  4. 10 Press Ups. I do Girl Press Ups on my knees at the moment because I have zero upper body strength.
  5. Straight into Plank for 45 seconds (if you can’t hold push upwards into downward dog and then back down again. Try not to collapse).
  6. Straight into Back Raises for 30 Reps
  7. Repeat exercises 4 to 6 for 2 more rounds.
  8. Stretch

Look out for Work-Out 2 next week.



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