I did Work Out 1 in three of my gym sessions last week and my muscles can definitely tell the difference!

So Work Out 2 is outlined below and it’s a killer! As per last week,  it lasts approximately 45 minutes and if you’re confused by the terminology YouTube, google or even better ask a Gym Instructor to show you.

Ben has designed these work outs for me (39.5 yrs) to increase overall fitness, weight loss and tone.

Give them a go.

Work Out 2

  1. Progressive warm up on the Cross Trainer for 10 minutes, Quick Start onto level 8 and increase speed every minute or so. Maintain RPM at 60 -70 KPH throughout. You don’t have to start on level 8, adjust to suit you.
  2. 10 Press Ups
  3. Straight into TRX Suspension Trainer – Wide Rows – 10 Reps
  4. Straight into squats with a 8-12 kg kettlebell – 10 Reps
  5. Straight into walking lunges – 24 Reps
  6. Do 5 rounds of exercises 2 to 5
  7. Rowing Machine for 10 minutes. Resistance level 8. Maintain stroke rate between 25-30 spm and 500 split time between 2.30-2.40. Maintain good posture and breathe on the way out. Power with the legs as much as possible.
  8. Plank for 45 seconds (if you can’t hold push upwards into downward dog and then back down again. Try not to collapse). Repeat three times
  9. Straight into alternate elbow to knee body weight crunches. 20 Reps each side. Repeat 3 times
  10. Stretch

I use Ben from Benifit in Newbury see www.benifit.uk.com

Gemma xxxx

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