Business Coaching

Want Happy, Motivated, Productive Employees?

Need help with your small business?

I can help you by offering both Employee and Small Business Coaching.

Both services are tailor made to suit the business I’m working with so please contact me to discuss your needs.

I’m always happy to hear from you, even if you just want a chat to find out more. Where I can, I will adjust my service to suit your budget.

I operate internationally.

“If you take care of your employees, they
will take care of your business”

Richard Branson

Employee Coaching

This is a service you can offer as part of your Staff Welfare Programme and provides an opportunity for your employees to better themselves through my coaching. In a confidential environment your employees can address their problems and I will coach them to find the solution.

It’s really that simple.

What does this do for your business?

At the end of the process I can guarantee your employees will be Motivated, Happier, Feel more Valued and be more Productive.

Employee Coaching
Small Business Coaching

Small Business Coaching

I provide the clarity, the strategy and the action needed to make your business a success.

I understand the stresses and strains and the love of being a small business owner. More importantly I understand the budgetary constraints. Working with you, I establish what you need to do to take your business to the next level or to resolve any challenges you may be experiencing.

OR want to start a new business and don’t have a clue how or where to start? Got an idea but don’t know how to progress it? I can help you too.


Newbury Business Coach – Gemma McCrae

Business Coaching Prices

For guidance only, I outline below my current prices.

Please contact me directly so I can provide you with the details for each of the above services.

Basic Rate (£150) – Pay as you go rate based on 60 mins.

Quick Fix (£500) – One off brain storm session of 4 hours.

The “Big” Quick Fix (£900) – Two separate brain storm sessions of 4 hours.

Power Package (£375 pm) – 2.5 hours of coaching per month plus unlimited access to me.

Prosperity Package (£750 pm) – 5 hours of coaching per month plus unlimited access to me.

Employee Coaching – Price on application


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What My Clients Think

I just wanted to write and thank you so much for the life coaching sessions. I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity of this and can't thank you enough for the positive impact that they have had on my life in the last couple of weeks alone. You fully listened to me and what I wanted to focus on and your friendly, practical and down-to-earth advice was like a breath of fresh air and just what I needed. The steps that I have taken as a result of the life coaching sessions with you have been transformational and completely life changing for me (and my family) and will stay with me for the rest of my life. You helped me to find clarity and focus after a very tough time. I would highly recommend (and already have!) your life coaching sessions to anyone who is struggling to find clarity or focus in their lives or for someone going through a rough time who needs to find some positivity again. It is so nice to know that you are there should I find myself needing focus again in the future. Thank you so much again - you and the work you do are truly inspirational. love

Sarah, Exeter

I’m extremely grateful for the chance I’ve had to work with Gemma. I first got to know of her through her podcast, and I then through both life and business coaching. She has compassionately listened, asked the right questions and in the end helped me to make some big changes in my life I never thought I could. I am so excited about the new doors that this has opened up in my life - Jo, Washington DC, USA

Gemma's coaching was fantastic and gave the motivation to leave my job and successfully set up my own business. I simply wouldn't have had the courage or the know how to do this on my own - Sam, Dubai

I have had some coaching before but found Gemma’s way of coaching me through two big areas of my life: my current employment, and my new business venture, incredibly helpful and motivational. From the first session I was made to think about my goals in a much more structured way and took away clear and manageable task lists each week that helped enormously and pushed me forward in areas I had just been complaining about and not able to action. Gemma had a great ability to help me focus on the things that really mattered to me and how I could achieve them. I also loved that the onus wasn’t all on me, I was also given very helpful advice and actions when I hit hurdles or couldn’t think of a clear way forward. I have found I could just make up a point in coaching in the past just to give a coach an answer, but Gemma was able to see when I didn’t have answers for things and help me guide round those areas. I would highly recommend Gemma for those stuck in a rut at work or starting to plan their own business to help focus the mind on what is really important and to help you make those more scary steps that seem huge at first.

Alice, London

Gemma makes me somehow come up with an answer‎ and solution to what I'm confused about and searching for. I have really gained a lot out of my sessions and have looked forward to Gemma listening to me at every session. The homework she has set always rounds off the sessions in a positive light and makes me think about improvement.
Michelle, Bermuda

Hi Gemma, yesterday I had my selection day at L3 Airline Academy down near Southampton. Today they emailed me the results. I’m pleased to say that I have got through!! I can now decide when I’m going to start my training. I’d like to thank you for all your advice in my preparation for the selection day. I feel it definitely helped me to get though! : Many thanks - George Baker-Morris - Ecchinswell

Gemma is formidable in so many ways. She can work out in a very short time what you need to work on and how. Without her I would not be pushing forward with my various businesses. I needed her! If you get a chance to work with her – grab it, it will be to your benefit.
AnneMarie - Newbury

I have been single for 5 years and found it hard to meet someone due to work commitments and a loss of confidence.  I contacted Gemma to help me and the results have been very encouraging. Through her coaching I have had 3 successful dates already. Thank you Gemma you are a star! -
Emma, London

I started my life coaching journey with Gemma after being recommended by my friend. We began by working through all areas of my life. I have realised so much about myself. I now put myself on my priority list. I have had relationship issues that Gemma had been there for me in more ways than I could have every expected. She's 100% gone the extra mile for me. Without her help and advice I wouldn't have ever got the strength to make positive changes in my life. If it wasn't for her and her direct, independent advice, I really don't want to think where I would have been in a few more years. I would without question recommend her and have done already to my friends and family. Thank you so so much!
Stephanie, Coventry

I started working with Gemma when I was in the process of opening my clinic. It was quite a big project for me to undertake and I kept finding myself unsure about what to do next. Gemma helped me sort out my priorities  advised me on different courses of action. Would I have opened my business without her help? Yes, is it better for her coaching advice? Without a doubt. If you are thinking of having a business coach then I would not hesitate to recommend Gemma. She has a very business like, common sense and ordered approach to our sessions. I feel more in control of my business and that I am more confident in dealing with many different situations due to the work we have done together. If you want honest, nonsense business coaching that will push you and your business to the next level then Gemma is the person for you.

Rosie Piercy - Total Chiro & Total Health West Berkshire

Gemma gave me techniques to think about changes to make in my relationship and this has worked so well along with guiding me to thinking about a new career path. I had the thoughts in mind for the changes I wanted to make but Gemma gave me the focus, positive attitude and strength to go forward to achieve my goals and I am so very grateful for this. Gemma has changed my life for the better and I have been recommending her to everybody! Thank you so much Gemma, love Catherine xxx –
Catherine, Nuneaton

I approached Gemma to coach me in an area I felt overwhelmed by and received very practical advice and helpful, ongoing support. I feel so positive about the situation now and have Gemma to thank for this.
Marina, London

Wow listening to Gemma she was able to turn my views and reasoning around by showing me how to look at things from another angle, what an amazing transformation I can't believe I'm the same person and neither can my husband we are smiling and laughing again. So before you 'poo poo' the idea try it but be warned , as lovely as Gemma is you have to listen and put in some hard work and make changes  in your life  some of which are a challenge  it was worth it to me and my life . Go on give life coaching a go, you  know your  worth it we only get one chance, your life is not a rehearsal this is it ! – Janet, Leicester

I was very lucky to find Gemma through a Google search a few weeks ago when I needed help to find my place in the world again after lots of life changes. Gemma has ninja problem solving skills and is seriously good at what she does. She brought lots of honesty and directness to her coaching, which challenged me to move forward. I can't thank her enough for the improvement across so many aspects of my daily life in such a short time. Thank you, Gemma, I think the whole world should hire you!

Liz, Kent

Gemma's approach is warm, empathetic, refreshingly honest with a sincere "want to help you" attitude to achieve your goals.  I am still on my journey but after each session I feel focused, inspired to reach my goals and excited for the future -
Liz, Newbury

Life coaching came into my life in totally unexpected way at a time where I believe it was meant to as I was open to it. Gemma opened my eyes up to new things, new way of thinking, new attitude and changed my life and is still changing my life. I now have a respect for coaching, a spiritual way of living which I never knew about only two months before I am writing this testimony. Anyone thinking of this I would highly recommended it and Gemma. You will have a coach, friend, unbiased view, new point of view/ thinking and inner voice and hopefully like me force any unwanted negative thinking out of your mind.
Dawn, West Midlands

Working with Gemma has enabled me to leave a job where I felt trapped and unhappy and move a new job that I absolutely love. She has helped me grow as a person, find my confidence and better myself generally -
Ellie, Newbury

Everyone needs a Gemma!

I didn't realise how much I did until I got in touch and started some coaching sessions with the amazing Gemma. I thought I just wanted to talk through a few things but it turned out to be so much more, she guided me in aspects of Decluttering, Business & Personal stuff.

Whilst coaching isn't necessarily easy it was of huge value to me. My life feels so much clearer and whilst I haven't managed to implement everything we talked about I now at least have a coherent list of stuff I want to do and know how to make things happen.

I will miss my sessions - Gemma is such a breath of fresh air and the time we spent together was of huge value to me and I hope to book in for some "check-up" calls to keep me on top of things.

If your hesitating about wondering if a coach is for you - my suggestion would be to grab the bull by the horns and just do it - I am sure you won't regret it and find it very beneficial.

Catherine, West Sussex

As a Man sometimes it is hard to reveal your true feelings and admit something is not right or needs attention. Life has a way of messing with what is truly important and Gemma is amazing at really drilling down to what is right, wrong or even not worth worrying about. Thank you for allowing me to heal and get back on track. would recommend this to everyone.
Mark, Newbury

You have helped me find the focus I needed to create a happier more harmonious life for me. My time with you has made me question my approach to things, my lazy nature and realised that the only person who is going to suffer if I carry on like this is me.
Emma, Hungerford

From the initial call with Gemma to discuss my situation, I knew I was talking to the right person. No gimmicky jargon, just straight forward, to the point questions about what I felt I wanted from her.
Gemma shaped the sessions expertly to get to the heart of the matters I needed to explore. Tasks set teased the answers out of me, while she firmly kept me focused on my goals.

This process is powerful and relies on trust and hard work from both parties to enable success and I can honestly say that I have benefitted hugely by undertaking Life Coaching with Gemma. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who feels they want help to remove obstacles that are standing in the way of them leading an enriched life.

Chris, Wiltshire

 I cannot recommend Gemma enough. If you are looking for a life/business coach to support you in getting out of a rut, start a business, coach you to begin a long held dream or generally help you know which way is up - then Gemma is your woman! The personality and laughter is an added bonus. Thank you Gemma, a year on and I have a life I am thoroughly excited about! Ali, Tallyho Design, Newbury







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