In this blog post – 3 Simple Tips To Get You Promoted, I’m going to give you three tips to ……. yes you’ve guessed it……… get you promoted!!!

As in super simple tips. They are so simple there should be no excuses for you not to implement them right now!

One of the most popular topics that I’m requested to cover in my life coaching practice is career coaching and in particular clients wanting a promotion.

They want to progress in their career, but they’re not quite sure how they need to do it.

To be honest, my one ultimate tip to get a promotion is to get yourself a coach like me. A coach is going to be able to drive you much more than you can by yourself. However, it may be that you don’t have the finances or the time or whatever it may be.

So, what I’m covering in this post are three super simple tips that you can implement immediately and will positively affect your career.

So, are you ready?

Tip Number One – Mentor


3 Simple Tips To Get You Promoted

Tip number one is get yourself a mentor.

A mentor is somebody who is basically that person in your industry that you want to be.

Identify them, contact them, ask them to be your mentor.

Your mentor is somebody that you’re going to meet maybe once a month, maybe bimonthly, maybe once a quarter, maybe even once a year. But this is the person that you go to for help and advice on your career.

The person you want as your Mentor, may say no. Be prepared for that.

If you can’t get them, then find someone else and keep going until you get one.

For more information on a Mentor read my blog post which goes into lots n lots of detail on Mentors.


Tip Number Two– LinkedIn


3 Simple Tips To Get You Promoted

I did a podcast with CV and LinkedIn expert Victoria McLean from City CV and she talked about the importance of LinkedIn.  If you have a career, in whatever guise, you need to be on LinkedIn.

End of!

It’s now the biggest marketplace for recruiters and it’s also somewhere people go to check you out, validate who you are.

So, waste no further time, it’s free.

My advice is to listen to the podcast I did with Victoria McLean by clicking here and get your profile up and running.

In particular make sure:

  1. Complete your profile with care. Don’t rush it. Type up on a word document befor and then paste into LinkedIn.
  2. Get somebody to proofread your profile for you.
  3. Use a professional and APPROPRIATE photo. Don’t have one? Spend the money getting a photographer to take one for you. It’s worth it.
  4. Use a service like City CV to help you create an awesome LinkedIn profile.


Tip Number Three– Strive


3 Simple Tips To Get You Promoted

Tip number three is a really simple, but it’s one that I’m surprised that many people overlook and that is to strive.

If you’re an employee in a company and you want career progression, don’t sit on your hands, waiting for somebody to identify you and promote you.


Identify where you want to be over the next three years, four years, five years and work out how you get there.

What training courses do you need to go on? What additional skills do you need to learn? What additional qualifications are you going to need? What is stopping you from getting there?

Be really tactical and strategic.

SUMMARY – 3 Simple Tips To Get You Promoted

So, there you go -3 Simple Tips To Get You Promoted.

Those are three tips that are going to help your career right now. They are original and powerful ways to get yourself the promotion you deserve. What’s even better is that they are all things you can go into work and action tomorrow.

I hope this helped you!



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