Spring is coming, so I’ve outlined below 10 Steps Guaranteed To Change Your Life and launch you into Spring with a BANG!

If you implement the 10 steps below, I can guarantee your life will change.

That’s how powerful they are.

My advice is to try and implement one step per week and soon you will be embracing life to the full!!

Here we go:

  1. Identify one goal you would like to achieve over the next three months. Identify the steps you need to take to achieve it. Action.
  2. Walk and get 30 minutes of fresh air per day. Two in one. Both are amazing for your soul.
  3. Allocate one block of 3 days to detoxing your body. No booze. No processed foods. No sugar. Plenty of water.
  4. Declutter Your House. Go through your home and carry out a full declutter. Too many benefits to list here but basically you will feel amazing afterwards.
  5. Write out a big To Do List. Dump every single thing you need to do onto the list. Then prioritise. Tackle at least one item every week.
  6. Clean Up Relationships. Who do you need to invest some quality time with? Identify one person and make a date to spend quality time with them.
  7. Identify a personal learning goal. Enrol on a course? Learn to cook? Make clothes? Research and enrol.
  8. Break up with toxic people. Cut out those people who bring negativity to your life. Stuck on how to do this? Ask a friend to help you with the strategy.
  9. Give your body the R&R it needs. Be in bed (minus electronics) at a time that is going to give you the quality sleep you need. Basically make sleep a priority,
  10. Commit to smiling as much as you can through the day. I promise it instantly changes your mood.

Remember try to implement one a week.

They sound simple and THEY ARE but I promise but adopting the above into your life will change your life.

Good Luck



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